Dina Pule won't return to Parliament

The fired communications minister has declined a nomination to return to Parliament for the ANC.

FILE: Former Communications Minister Dina Pule. Picture: GCIS.

JOHANNESBRUG - Fired Communications Minister Dina Pule has formally announced she is declining a nomination to return to parliament for the ANC.

The party's decision to nominate her was strongly criticised after she was fired following an investigation into how she abused government funds.

In a statement Pule says it is in the best interests of her family that she withdraws from the ANC list and be allowed to live her life in peace.

She had been nominated to position 70 on the ANC's national list making it likely that she would return to parliament.

Pule was fired after it emerged she gave unlawful benefits to her romantic partner and she was then found guilty of misconduct by a parliamentary inquiry led by an ANC MP.