Pistorius trial: More texts to be read out

In one of the messages, Reeva Steenkamp told Oscar Pistorius that she was sometimes afraid of him.

Oscar Pistorius at the High Court in Pretoria on 24 March. Picture: Pool.

PRETORIA - More intimate details about the relationship between Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp are likely to be exposed in the High Court in Pretoria today, as a police expert continues testifying about cellphone text messages that the two exchanged prior to the Valentine's Day shooting.

Pistorius wept on Monday when Whatsapp messages taken off Steenkamp's phone were read out in court during his murder trial.

They tell a story of a relationship which was mostly happy, but marred by the athlete's jealousy and tantrums.

The 'Blade Runner' shot Steenkamp through the toilet door at his Pretoria home last year.

Picture: Pool.

Although he claims he thought she was an intruder, the state is trying to prove Pistorius killed her in cold blood.

The athlete cast his eyes down and appeared pensive as the messages were read out in court by cellphone expert Francois Moller.

At one point, tears were seen rolling down his face and he discreetly wiped his face.

In one of the intimate messages, Steenkamp told Pistorius that she was sometimes afraid of him when he snapped at her.

Video: Steenkamp's Whatsapp text read in court.

"I wasn't flirting with anyone today, I feel sick that you suggested that and that you made a scene at the table."

Steenkamp's mother June and the model's close friend Gina Myers were also in court.

June Steenkamp with an ANCWL member. Picture: Pool.


Earlier in the day the court heard testimony from another one of the athlete's neighbours.

Anette Stipp described how she heard gunshots and a woman's terrified screams.

She said she also heard a man's screams in between.

But the defence disputed Stipp's testimony, questioning her alertness in the early hours of the morning and why there were some differences in the statement she made to the police and what she told the court.

Meanwhile, Pistorius's trial has been extended to 16 May because the court will be in recess for the Easter holidays.

It was initially set down for three weeks this month.

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