'Slim chance' of Ebola coming to SA

The NICD says the risk of importation of the virus is low.

The Ebola virus has so far killed at least 59 people in Guinea. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The National Institute For Communicable Diseases (NICD) says the risk of the Ebola virus coming to South Africa is slim.

The institute has warned health officials to monitor travellers coming in and out of the country from Guinea where an outbreak has been reported.

The virus has so far killed at least 59 people in the West African country and the NICD says it has spread to neighbouring countries.

The institute's Dr Lucille Blumberg explains there is no vaccination or cure for Ebola.

"It seems to be confined at the moment to the south eastern districts which are very remote areas. The risk of importation of Ebola in returning travellers must be very small indeed so there is no warning that it is coming to South Africa."