Steenkamp was sometimes 'scared' of Pistorius

Messages retrieved from model’s phone described moments of fear, humiliation & disappointment.

Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp at the SA Sports Awards on 4 November 2012. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Messages retrieved from Reeva Steenkamp's phone have described moments of fear, disappointment and humiliation at the hands of Oscar Pistorius.

Oscar Pistorius talks to his lawyer Barry Roux before the start of court proceedings of his murder trial on 24 March 2014 at the High Court in Pretoria. Picture: Pool.

Hawks cellphone analyst Captain Francois Moller made the revelations during testimony on day 14 of the athlete's murder trial in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

He analysed data found on Steenkamp's iPhone.

Moller highlighted several arguments where Steenkamp expressed concern about Pistorius's behaviour, especially during outings.

But he also said there were many loving conversations between the two.

Steenkamp says in a Whatsapp message to Pistorius that she was upset that he had accused her of flirting with a friend.

She added Pistorius made her scared sometimes because of how how he snapped at her.

The model said she was often unsure of how he would act towards her.

"We are living in a double standard relationship where you can be mad about how I deal with stuff when you are very quick to act cold and offish when you are unhappy. Every five seconds I hear how you dated another chick. You have really dated a lot of people."

Steenkamp described leaving a friends party early after the athlete made a scene, accusing her of flirting with other men.

She also described how Pistorius criticised her loudly in front of other people.

In the message, Steenkamp said she does everything she can to make the athlete happy but he throws tantrums and belittles her.

Moller retrieved another message which sheds light on the day Darren Fresco's firearm went off while Pistorius was handling it at a crowded northern Johannesburg restaurant.

In a message to Steenkamp, Pistorius states, "Angel please doesn't [don't] say a thing to anyone. Darren told everyone it was his fault. I can't afford for that to come out. The guys promised not to say a thing."

Steenkamp responded, hinting that she would keep his secret.

A screenshot of a Whatsapp image sent from Reeva Steenkamp to Oscar Pistorius. Picture: Twitter via @Debora_Patta.

In another message, Steenkamp apologised for smoking weed on a trip for television programme Tropika Island of Treasure, explaining it was all clean fun.

Steenkamp's mother June and close friend Gina Myers were in court as the deeply personal messages were read out for all to hear.

Reeva Steenkamp's mother,June reacts as crime scene photographs are shown during the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius at the High Court in Pretoria on 17 March 2014. Picture: Pool.

Pistorius sat with his head down in the dock while tears could be seen rolling down his face.

The Paralympic and Olympic athlete shot the model through a toilet door at his Silver Woods Country Estate home in Pretoria East in the early hours of Valentine's Day last year.

He denied the murder charge, claiming he believed he was protecting himself and Steenkamp against an intruder who had broken into his upmarket home.

Pistorius also faces gun-related charges in connection with two separate shooting incidents, one from a moving vehicle and another at Tashas restaurant in Melrose Arch.

The 27-year-old pleaded not guilty to all charges on the first day of his trial on 3 March.


Litigation attorney David Dadic says he was completely "stunned" by the level of information that came through during the trial today.

"In my experience, when calling on cellphone providers for records, they can definitely give you call records on when calls were made and the duration of calls, but they certainly can't give you content."

Dadic says this serves as a warning that without realising, people create an online persona through messages.

He says people need to be careful of what they say because they never know where it could end up.

"Having heard what we did today, things aren't as deleted as we might assume. So having said that, I think short of destroying a device and getting rid of a record all together, I don't think these things are actually gone."


Earlier on Monday, State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel called another of the athlete's neighbours who testified about hearing two sets of bangs as well as a woman screaming.

Annette Stipp, who lives in the same estate across the road from the athlete's house, claims she heard two sets of shots and a woman's screams in the early hours of the morning.

Pistorius' legal team questioned the credibility of her testimony and her recollection of the events that unfolded on the day.

But the defence argued that she did not have a good enough view of the athlete's home.

Stipp said she is certain that she heard a woman screaming and then a separate male voice, in between two sets of gunshots.

Defence Advocate Kenny Oldwadge questioned her alertness at the time, saying there were in fact four gunshots and she could have mistaken the woman's voice for Pistorius's high-pitched scream.

Stipp also insisted that she saw the light switched on through the windows of the bathroom and the toilet cubicle, but Oldwadge said the light in the cubicle was not working at the time.

He also pointed out discrepancies in her statement and testimony, saying she did not see a man through the bathroom window, her husband did, yet she still included it in her original statement to police.

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