More load shedding not imminent

Koeberg will undergo maintenance for six weeks and will result in the daily loss of 900 MW of power.

Unit 2 at the Koeberg nuclear power station has been shut down for maintenance.

CAPE TOWN - Eskom said while electricity supply would be strained over the next few weeks it did not expect any load shedding.

The power utility said unit 2 at the Koeberg nuclear power station has been shut down for maintenance and would remain offline for the next six weeks.

This will result in a daily loss of 900 MW of power.

Eskom's Andrew Etzinger said, "Electricity demand on a day like today would be 30,000 MW where 900 is a big chunk of that. We'll certainly be tight given our low reserve margin. We'll be vulnerable from time to time and are at risk."

Last month, Eskom implemented load shedding across the country, saying its coal stockpiles had been drenched by rain.

Outgoing Eskom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Dames said last week the power utility would be well-managed even if it was temporarily left without a CEO.

Dames reflected on having to deal with problems of morale during the 2008 load shedding but denied claims that Eskom had refused to buy power from private producers.

Dames previously said his job must be one of the most difficult in the country at the moment.

The power utility said it expected two more years of strained power supply while it awaited the completion of the country's new power stations.