‘No exception for Korkie’

The Gift of the Givers say they have re-established contact with Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen.

Pierre Korkie who is being held hostage by al-Qaeda militants in Yemen. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - The Gift of the Givers on Tuesday said it has re-established contact with al-Qaeda militants in Yemen who are holding Pierre Korkie hostage.

The Bloemfontein teacher and his wife Yolande were kidnapped in May 2013.

Yolande was released in January to raise her husband's ransom of more than R30 million.

The group's Imtiaz Sooliman says negotiators on Monday briefly met with the kidnappers but were unable to secure Korkie's release or lower the ransom demand.

"Al-Qaeda said they can't make any exceptions for a South African. They are holding three people of three different nationalities hostage and they say if they make an exception for one, they have to make an exception for others."

Earlier this month, Korkie's family released a statement pleading with his captors to release him.

This after reports emerged Korkie had gone completely deaf.

The Gift of the Givers was in talks with the kidnappers earlier this year but had to retract its negotiator after he received death threats.

The deadline to pay Korkie's ransom passed last month.

In February, Yolande and her children released a video pleading with the kidnappers for Korkie's release.

Video of Yolande and her children pleading for Korkie's release.

She has also thanked South Africans for their support.