Search for Mamelodi boys continues

The body of one of three boys was found but officials say the others have slim chance of survival.

The body of one of the three boys was found and officials say it’s unlikely the others will be found alive. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Tshwane rescue officials and South African Police Services diving squad members will this morning resume a search for two Mamelodi, Pretoria, children who are believed to have been swept away during floods last week.

On Saturday the body of one of the three boys was found underneath an uprooted tree near the entrance of a storm water drain.

It's understood three boys were playing near the drain when it started raining heavily.

Officials say it's unlikely the other boys will be found alive.

Tshwane municipality spokesperson Blessing Manale said, "We have closed off the area and they are zooming into the area where the first child was found, they estimate the other children should be in that vicinity."

On Friday the search for the children was again hampered, with police saying river currents were too strong for divers.

Emergency services officials, police and community members spent the past few days searching for the trio.

An EWN video of the search for the Mamelodi boys.