Thomas Ferreira faces more surgery

Ferreira was knocked down in 2011 by a former MEC’s driver and sustained serious brain injuries.

Thomas Ferreira, now 20 years old, was hit by a car in which former Gauteng Housing MEC Humphrey Mmemezi was being transported in 2011.

JOHANNESBURG - The parents of a young man who was left brain damaged after being knocked down by a blue-light vehicle transporting former Gauteng Housing MEC Humphrey Mmemezi say he will undergo another operation next week.

Thomas Ferreira was knocked down in Roodepoort in 2011 while riding his motorbike.

Joseph Semitjie, who was driving Mmemezi's vehicle, was convicted of reckless and negligent driving last December and was expected to be sentenced in the Krugersdorp Magistrates Court on Thursday.

But sentencing proceedings were postponed to next month after Semitjie surprised the court when he arrived with a new attorney.

Ferreira's family says they have stopped his physiotherapy and psychiatric sessions on his request.

His mother Priscilla says he will be going to hospital for an operation next Tuesday.

"He is going to have an operation where a pin from his tibia bone in his right leg will be removed."

After surprising the court with his new legal representative, Semitjie's trial was postponed to 3 April.

However, this will not be for sentencing but to the check on the progress of the compilation of the court records.