Lorgat cleared after ICC investigation

Cricket South Africa CEO Haroon Lorgat's role in the David Becker statement was probed by the ICC.

Former International Cricket Council CEO and current Cricket South Africa CEO Haroon Lorgat. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - The independent adjudicator in the International Cricket Council (ICC) commissioned investigation into the allegations made against Cricket South Africa (CSA) Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat has released his findings, fully exonerating Lorgat from any blame.

The allegations investigated by the independent inquiry centred on the following:

  • Lorgat knew about the David Becker media statement (that claimed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was in breach of ICC regulations by flouting the Future Tour's Programme) and its contents prior to or at the time of its initial distribution;

  • Lorgat was involved in the preparation of the David Becker media statement;

  • Lorgat attempted to persuade a number of different journalists on separate occasions to delay and/or withdraw the story/David Becker media statement by offering to do something for them in return, allegedly bribing and eventually threatening the journalists.

CSA President Chris Nenzani is pleased with the outcome of the adjudicator's report.

"This is as clear as it gets and vindicates CSA and Mr Lorgat's determination that the investigation be properly concluded following recent offers to drop the investigation. It is only fair and just for both CSA and to Mr Lorgat that the process was properly concluded."

Nenzani added that CSA remained fully behind Lorgat and had faith in his stewardship as head of the federation.

"As we expected, all the allegations have been dismissed and the Board would like to reiterate its full trust and confidence in Mr Lorgat as its Chief Executive. To date the Board has been satisfied and indeed impressed with the progress made under his leadership.

Nenzani blasted sections of the media that attempted to unjustifiably incriminate Lorgat, and called upon them to formally apologise to Lorgat now that he has been cleared.

"It is also clear that allegations and insinuations made against Mr Lorgat by certain journalists were unprofessional and do not fall within the bounds of fair or justifiable comment. I hope these individuals or their organisations will now have the courage to issue an apology to both Mr Lorgat and CSA."

Lorgat said he was satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, adding that he could finally focus on his work now that the matter had been concluded.

"With this unsavoury matter now behind us I look forward to getting on with the real challenges that we need to deal with. It was a costly but necessary exercise once the allegations were made. I am pleased it is now behind us and I must thank my Board for their unequivocal support plus the many other people, including members of the public, who stood firm with me during this period."