Police brutality: Other accused in court

A bar owner and his brother allegedly attacked Clement Emekensha with an axe before the police arrived.

 Nigerian national Clement Emekensha was allegedly assaulted before police got hold of him. Picture: Michael Walker/Cape Times.

CAPE TOWN - Two men believed to be linked to an attack on Nigerian national Clement Emekensha will appear in court again today.

A video, which shows two police officers beating a naked Emekensha, went viral last week.

In the video they can be seen repeatedly choking, kicking and punching the man.

The warrant officers have since been released on bail.

But a bar owner and his brother, who allegedly attacked the man with an axe before the police arrived, are set to appear in court today.

The men, who appeared in court shortly after the police officers' appearance on Tuesday, have been behind bars since Saturday.

Their alleged involvement in the attack must still be heard by the court.

But it's believed they beat Emekensha while he was enjoying a drink at their club, the Sky Sports Bar and Restaurant.

The two have been charged with assault.

The case was postponed to today, giving the state time to confirm if one of the accused has a previous warrant of arrest.