Pistorius trial: Forensic cop testifies on door

Colonel Johannes Vermeulen of the police’s scientific analysis section is using exhibits to testify.

Colonel Johannes Vermeulen testifies at the High Court in Pretoria during the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius on 12 March 2014.

PRETORIA - The state has called Colonel Johannes Vermeulen of the police's scientific analysis section to testify in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

The bathroom door through which Pistorius shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp has also been brought to court for use during Vermeulen's testimony.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel questioned Vermeulen on the door and a metal plate which covers the plumbing on the bath tub.

Vermeulen said he analysed the door and cricket bat to determine if the marks on the bat related to the door.

Pictures of the crime scene were also shown on court screens.

The images also showed the damaged metal plate.

Vermeulen said, "The damage to the plate was caused by an object hitting or falling on it. It was hard enough to cause a scratch."

He conceded that he could not determine what object damaged the plate.

The colonel then stepped off the stand to point out two marks found on the door which caught his attention during his examination.

After analysis, he concluded the marks were consistent with the door being hit with a cricket bat.

Vermeulen then picked up the Lazer English Willow Club Plus cricket bat, featuring several signatures, which was used by Pistorius to break the door down.

He then physically demonstrated to the court how the door was likely hit with the bat.

He told the court the position of the person who hit the door with the cricket bat was different with both marks.

On mark one, the person was standing parallel to the door, while the second mark shows the person stood in front of the door.

The bat was twisted on both occasions to try and break the door panel.

"With the second mark the person hitting the door was probably standing in front of the door, as opposed to the first mark with the person standing parallel to the door. The marks were created when the person twisted the bat to break open the panel."

The colonel told the court that the marks on the door were consistent with Pistorious's height when he wasnot wearing his prostheses.

He said they were also similar to his height when he fired the shots.

"The marks on the door are consistent with him not having his prosthetics on, and I suspect it must be similar to the height he was when he fired the shots."

Vermeulen has 29 years of experience and has attended numerous course and workshops through his career.

He also has a BSc in Chemistry in Geology, an Honours in Chemistry and has completed almost 1,400 forensic investigations.

Meanwhile, people have taken to Twitter to give their opinions on Vermeulen's evidence.

Colonel Vermeulen's evidence is changing this thing around

Is Vermeulen left or right handed? Making it very difficult for the bowlers #OscarTrial

For what I see now is that Vermeulen's evidence in now working in favour of Oscar #OscarTrial *GodKnows

vermeulen is cool, but not as suave as CSI's Gill Grisom #OscarTrial199 #OscarPistorius

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