Mitchells Plain residents 'live in fear'

Years of gang violence in various Cape Town areas have pushed residents to the edge.

Mitchells Plain is one of the areas in the Western Cape hardest hit by gansterism. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Mitchells Plain residents affected by constant gang violence say they are tired of living in fear.

The Beacon Valley community witnessed several police operations today.

Four people were killed in the area over the weekend.

Roads were cordoned off as curious onlookers watched and others informed metro police officers on the location of drug dens.

Officers conducted three searches in Beacon Valley today.

They found drugs at one of the houses and at another they confiscated 50 straws which are used to store the drug "tik".

At a third house officers body searched self-proclaimed gangsters and found empty "tik lollies" in the house.

Residents say they are grateful for the efforts of law enforcement, but it needs to happen more often.

There is an increased police presence in Mitchells Plain following a spike in suspected gang-related shootings, the local community policing forum said on Tuesday.

A Mitchells Plain resident who witnessed a gang shooting in the area says she saw one of the teenage victims before she was killed by gangsters.

The grandfather of the girl, who was killed as a result of suspected gang violence, says he feels he could take the law into his own hands if he found out who was responsible.