Wenger hopes lightning can strike twice

The Arsenal boss says his side can repeat last season's performance to beat Bayern Munich tonight.

Bayern Munich players celebrate their victory against Arsenal in the Champions League match on 19 February 2014. Picture: Facebook.com.

CAPE TOWN - Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says his team believe they have what it takes to defeat German giants Bayern Munich when the two sides clash in the second leg of their last 16 tie tonight.

The Gunners trail the defending European champions 2-0 on aggregate after Bayern's first leg victory at the Emirates.

Wenger says he will need to find the right balance in his team if they are to triumph against a quality Bayern side.

"We know we have to attack, but we know we will have to defend as well. I will have to find the right balance for that because Bayern are good going forward, and we will need to have a good balance between attacking and defending."

Wenger says the fact that the Gunners beat Bayern last season is proof that his side's task is not impossible.

"The history is important in that we have belief that we have done it before. We know we can do it because we have done it before,"

Wenger says Arsenal's record in Europe can count in their favour tonight.

"We have won everywhere in Europe. 1-0 to us, for example, makes the result possible so that is what we will try to do. We scored two goals in the last five minutes against Everton so we don't have to be nervous or impatient tonight."

Bayern boss Pep Guardiola says tonight's match is like a final, and is expecting a big performance from his team.

"Our players know that for one game they need to put everything on the field, and they know it's like a final. From my experience, in these games I always expect the best performance from our opponents."

Guardiola says the occasion will bring out the best in the Gunners.

"I expect the best performance from my players. But I am pretty sure and pretty convinced that Ozil and the other Arsenal players will put on the best performance they can, and we have to be prepared for that."