Pistorius trial: Reeva ate 2 hours before death

This contradicts Oscar Pistorius’s version that the couple went to sleep at 10pm that night.

Reeva Steenkamp. Picture: Carte Blanche.

PRETORIA - A state pathologist on Monday testified that Reeva Steenkamp ate just two hours prior to her death.

This has contradicted Oscar Pistorius's version that the couple went to sleep at 10pm the night prior to the shootong.

These details emerged in the testimony of Professor Gert Saayman in the High Court in Pretoria.

The athlete shot and killed Steenkamp a year ago and while he claims it was a case of mistaken identity, the state argues it was premeditated murder.

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The partially digested vegetables found in Steenkamp's stomach suggest she was awake and eating at 1am.

Saayman says he considered the food and various other factors before concluding that Steenkamp could not have digested the food more than two hours prior to her death.

But the athlete claims they went to bed at 10pm that night and now he must explain the flaw in his version of events.

This is likely to emerge when advocate Barry Roux begins his cross-examination.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is expected to spend only 15 minutes with Saayman this morning before concluding with him.


Psychologist Dr Robyn Rosin says Pistorius's vomiting could be linked to anxiety, a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Pistorius repeatedly retched and threw up in court on Monday.

He was struggling to listen to testimony about Steenkamp's wounds and covered his ears while Saayman gave evidence.

Rosin says a feeling of increased anxiety is associated with PTSD.

"Vomiting is that nauseous response associated with anxiety and his body couldn't handle it. So I don't think that is something that can be easily staged."

She believes the public would find explicit details about Steenkamp's post-mortem upsetting to listen to.

"It's not something we want to hear and not something our brains are primed to hear."

On Monday, Saymaan asked Judge Thokozile Masipa to prohibit live broadcasting of his testimony because of the graphic nature of his evidence.

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