'Brutal' cops to appear in court

Two warrant officers were arrested for stripping and assaulting a Nigerian national last week.

A civilian was arrested for tring to intervene when police brutally beat a man in Cape Town's CBD. Picture: Michael Walker/Cape Times.

CAPE TOWN - The two Cape Town police officers arrested for allegedly stripping and assaulting a Nigerian national are expected to appear in court today.

They were arrested on Friday soon after a video showing them attacking the man was posted Facebook and went viral.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) says the policemen, who are warrant officers at a Cape Town police station, face an assault charge.

In the video they can be seen repeatedly choking, kicking and punching the man who has been identified as Clement Emekensha.

Investigators have already compiled witness statements and IPID's Moses Dlamini hasn't ruled out that other charges may be added.