CT police brutality video 'absolutely disgusting'

Parliament’s police head expresses disgust after viewing video footage of CT cops assault a man.

Video footage shows officers stripping a man naked and then assaulting him in the Cape Town CBD on 7 March. Picture: Michael Walker/Cape Times

CAPE TOWN - The chairperson of Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Police has described a video showing two policemen stripping a man naked and beating him in Cape Town as 'absolutely disgusting'.

The video footage was posted on social media showing police stripping the man and then assaulting him in the Cape Town CBD earlier this week.

The officers have since been suspended by Western Cape Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer, pending an investigation into the matter.

Lamoer says the policemen were responding to a robbery complaint in the City Centre on Thursday, when they found the man apparently behaving in an unruly manner.

The victim wasn't charged and was later released.

Police Portfolio Committee Chairperson Annelize van Wyk says, "I want to congratulate Commissioner Lamoer on the swift action that he has taken. However, I believe the time has arrived for us to find out what are the enabling factors that allow police and encourage police to act in this manner."

She says she's asked the police commissioner for a full report on the matter.

"I would also urge the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) to take swift action. I do not believe this is simply a disciplinary issue. I believe these officers in the video are actually guilty of a crime."


Meanwhile a Cape Town man, who witnessed police officers beating up the civilian, says he was arrested after being accused of interfering.

Adiel Goliath was arrested when he shouted at the officers during the attack.

Goliath says what was not shown on the video was even more disturbing.

"Before the video was recorded the man was naked covered in blood, lying on his back. He was dragged from the door to the police van. He was not resisting arrest."

Goliath was thrown into a police cell without being asked to give his statement and was only released once his boss arrived to speak to the Cape Town station police commissioner.

Goliath says he is still not sure if he has actually been charged.