Dramatic testimony on Pistorius crime scene

Dr Johan Stipp gave the court an account of the crime scene just moments after the deadly shooting.

Oscar Pistorius holds his hand to his face while a witness recounts to the court the moments after the murder during the fourth day of his trial at the High Court in Pretoria on 6 March 2014. Picture: Pool.

PRETORIA - Murder accused Oscar Pistorius covered his ears with his hands when the state's seventh witness gave testimony in the High Court in Pretoria on Thursday.

The 27-year-old Olympic and Paralympic athlete is accused of murdering his 29-year-old girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his luxury Silver Woods Country Estate home in eastern Pretoria on Valentine's Day last year.

Oscar Pistorius arrives at the High Court in Pretoria on the fourth day of his murder trial on 6 March 2014.

Pistorius on Monday pleaded not guilty to murder and gun-related charges.

The state charges the killing was premeditated, while Pistorius says it was a case of mistaken identity, as he shot thinking she was an intruder.

The so-called Blade Runner covered his ears with his fingers partially locked behind his head when radiologist Johan Stipp, a state witness, described the severity of Steenkamp's injuries.

The doctor and his family live in the same complex as Pistorius.

An aerial view of Silver Woods Country Estate. Picture: Carte Blanche.

Stipp said he was 72 metres away from where the deadly shooting took place, which is much closer than the previous three neighbours who have already testified.

He provided the court with a first-hand account from inside the athlete's mansion, just minutes after he shot and killed Steenkamp before carrying her body downstairs.

EWN video: A 3D look inside Oscar's house.

The witness told the court that Pistorius's first words to him were, "I shot her. I thought she was a burglar."

Stipp said while he was assessing the model's vital signs, the athlete started praying, saying he would dedicate his and Steenkamp's lives to God if she survived.

He said it soon became clear Steenkamp had suffered mortal wounds.

While the doctor and the estate manager waited for emergency services to arrive, Stipp said Pistorius knelt at Steenkamp's side.

The radiologist said he rushed to Pistorius's house to help after he heard three loud bangs.

"To me it was obvious, she was mortally wounded. I looked at the rest of her body and I noted that she had a wound on her right thigh and also a wound on her right upper arm."

Stipp recalled how a man, known as Mr Stander, helped Pistorius after the shooting.

The man's wife and daughter also arrived at the house.

The doctor said he could not remember the specifics of their conversation, but recalled Mrs Stander was worried about the media finding out about the shooting.

"There were concerns about what happened."

Pictures were brought up on the court screen showing that Stipp's bedroom had a direct view of the bathroom windows where the shooting took place.

He said he noticed the bathroom light was on.

Pistorius's cousins were in court on Thursday to support him.

Once again, there was no sign of any of Steenkamp's family members at the trial today.


A large crowd once again gathered outside the court on Thursday.

Pretoria residents have been trying to catch sight of the 'Blade Runner' since he first appeared in court on Monday.

Oscar Pistorius leaves the High Court in Pretoria after day four of his trial on 6 March 2014.

When proceedings were adjourned for lunch, Pistorius left the courtroom clutching a handkerchief in one hand and a briefcase in the other.

The athlete chose not to leave the building during the break, much to the disappointment of the crowd outside.

There have been similar scenes over the last few days, with school pupils leaving class early in the hope of snapping a photo with their cellphones.

EWN video: Oscar arrives at court on 6 March 2014.

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