State to cross-examine de Jager

Johannes de Jager is accused of killing a teenager and a sex worker.

FILE: Johannes de Jager in court on 25 February 2014. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A Cape Town man accused of killing two teenage girls is expected to face cross-examination in the Western Cape High Court soon.

Johannes de Jager has pleaded not guilty to killing 16-year-old Charmaine Mare in January last year, but he has admitted to chopping up her body.

De Jager has also denied raping and killing 18-year-old sex worker Hiltina Alexander in 2008.

With his hands and feet bound, de Jager was escorted into courtroom 12 on Tuesday.

In the dock, he appeared cool and calm and admitted to a drinking problem.

He told the court Mare's death was an accident and unintentional.

His version of events is that she died after hitting her head against a bath.

Tuesday's postponement will allow the state enough time to prepare to cross-examine the accused.