June Steenkamp: Oscar didn't even look at me

June Steenkamp says she attended court because she wanted Oscar Pistorius to acknowledge her presence.

June Steenkamp says she attended court because she wanted Oscar Pistorius to acknowledge her presence. Picture: Pool.

PRETORIA - Reeva Steenkamp's mother June is haunted by not being able to protect her daughter as she lay injured and dying after being shot by her boyfriend, Paralympian and Olympian Oscar Pistorius.

June made the comments during an interview with ITV News which was broadcast on Tuesday. She says all she wants is for the truth to come out about how and why her daughter was killed by Pistorius.

" I wanted to see him and for him to see me, I just felt that I needed to that, but he didn't look at me. He just walked straight and walked ahead. The whole point was for him to see that I am there and I am representing Reeva."

She says her husband, Barry, was unable to attend proceedings as he's still recovering from a stroke.

June says Barry is devastated, but he's being medically treated to help him cope.


Defence advocate Barry Roux is expected to pose tough questions to the third state witness who claims he heard screams and gunshots from Pistorius's house.

Charl Johnson is the third neighbour who testified about hearing voices, screams and gunshots being fired from the athlete's Pretoria home on Valentine's Day last year.

Johnson is Michelle Burger's husband, the first witness to testify in this trial.

His statement is expected to be scrutinised under cross examination today, in the same way in which his wife's testimony was fiercely questioned on Monday.

An EWN video on the witnesses likely to be called during the trial.

However, Roux has been more gentle with Johnson so far, asking him exactly what he heard on that fateful day.

Roux maintains that the couple's statements are too similar and one may have been used as a template for the other.

He also insists that the screams came from Pistorius and not Steenkamp who wouldn't have been able to scream after a bullet to the head.

On Tuesday, Burger broke down in the dock towards the end of her testimony while being re-examined by prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

Pistorius also cried and covered his ears as the court heard that his girlfriend was left brain damaged from the shots he fired at her.

It was when Roux read into the record the findings of a ballistic expert who described which bullets hit Steenkamp in different parts of her body that the athlete bent forward, burying his head in his hands.

A relative leaned over from the public gallery and gave him a tissue, a quick glance back revealed the tears in his eyes.

An EWN video on the start of day two of the trial.

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