No word on drug mule's return to SA

Weeks after her release was announced, Tessa Beetge’s family are in the dark about her return.

A screenshot of Tessa Beegte being interviewed by SABC’s 'Special Assignment'. Picture: via YouTube.

JOHANNESBURG - The family of convicted drug mule Tessa Beetge is still in the dark about when she will return home.

Beetge has served almost six years of her 12-year sentence in a Brazilian prison after she was caught with 10.2 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage in 2008.

She was convicted for drug trafficking.

Two weeks after her release was announced, Beetge's aunt Margie Olsen says she is still busy finalising paperwork.

"Once she arrives, she'll want to see her daughters. I think she will want to see where her mom has been laid to rest and I think she will also need to see her father. I think she'll be overwhelmed because this may be a very big case in South Africa, but in Brazil, it was not."


Beetge was used as a drug mule by the former wife of State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele.

Cwele's former wife Sheryl and her co-accused Frank Nabolisa were found guilty of using Beetge to smuggle drugs in May 2011.

But in October 2012, Cwele and Nabolisa were slapped with 20-year sentences after appealing an earlier ruling to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Cwele and Nabolisa were originally sentenced to 12 years behind bars for drug dealing.

The judgment handed down by the Bloemfontein court dismissed their appeals and increased their sentences to 20 years each.

Last year, Nabolisa's sentence was returned to 12 years by the Constitutional Court.