Siqalo residents refuse to vacate land

Despite threats from Mitchells Plain residents, Siqalo residents say they will continue protesting.

Angry Mitchells Plain residents met with Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille on Monday 3 March 2014, demanding the city find alternative land for thousands of Siqalo informal settlement residents who live just off Vanguard Drive and continue to take part in violent protests. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Siqalo informal settlement residents on Tuesday said they will continue protesting, despite threats from the Mitchells Plain community for them to vacate the land.

At a community meeting held last night, Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille tried in vain to reason with angry locals.

The mayor told the crowd the land was invaded illegally and that the city was waiting for the outcome of a court case to have the people evicted.

Several police and law enforcement vehicles are standing guard at the entrance to Siqalo just after busy Vanguard Drive.

Locals at the informal settlement say they will not budge unless the City of Cape Town can find alternative land for them to erect their shacks.

Residents here who have on several occasions blocked the busy road with rocks and burning tyres, say the demonstrators are for more taps and toilets.

In February, Siqalo residents vowed to intensify protests ahead of elections issuing a desperate plea to government.