Pistorius trial: Oscar to tweak his version

Pistorius will testify he approached the bathroom armed, believing Reeva Steenkamp was in bed.

Oscar Pistorius is escorted into the Pretoria High Court on 3 March 2014. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN.

PRETORIA - As pieces of the Oscar Pistorius trial puzzle begin to emerge, more gruelling cross-examination is expected today, as the defence tries to cast doubt on testimony about Reeva Steenkamp's last moments.

Pistorius denies the premeditated murder of his model girlfriend on Valentine's Day last year and claims he mistook her for a burglar.

He appears to have tweaked his version of events on the morning that Steenkamp died and is now expected to testify that he heard the toilet cubicle window being opened before he fired shots.

The details emerged in the athlete's plea explanation which was read into the court record on the first day of the trial in the High Court in Pretoria on Monday.

The plea explanation shows Pistorius will testify that when he woke up to collect a fan on the balcony, he heard the bathroom window sliding open.

He says he approached the bathroom armed with his firearm, believing Steenkamp was still in bed.

Pistorius discharged his firearm when he heard a noise coming from inside the toilet cubicle.

He says being on his stumps left him feeling vulnerable and he believed the intruder was going to come at him.


The cross-examination of neighbour and university lecturer, Michelle Burger, will continue this morning.

Defence advocate Barry Roux will continue attempting to poke holes into her testimony.

On Monday, he scrutinised her statement and her version that she heard four gunshots.

He says she was sleeping at the time, and could have in fact heard the cricket bat that was used to break down the bathroom door.

Roux also asked Burger whether she could tell the difference between the sound of a gunshot and the sound a cricket bat would make when hitting a wooden door.

He has also suggested that she heard the athlete screaming and not a woman.

Burger, meanwhile, insists she heard a woman's voice.


Some of the broadcasters are still setting up cameras and shelters as the rain continues to pour.

Metro police have also closed two lanes before the athlete arrived at court.

The area was on Tuesday filled with ANC Women's League protesters and bystanders all hoping to get a picture of the athlete.

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