'Delft parents will act against rapists'

A Delft father says soon he will be forced to take drastic measures to protect his children.

A house of a man who allegedly raped a three-year-old girl in Delft has been torched. Picture: Carmel Loggenberg/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A Delft parent says he will soon be forced to take drastic measures to ensure his children are safe following a string of attacks on youngsters in the area.

In the latest incident, a three-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her neighbour.

One of the victim's other neighbours has called on his community to remove people who are hurting their children.

Douglas Perry says parents are forced to keep their children under lock and key, just to ensure their safety.

"Anything can happen to my children as well. That's why I've joined the committee as a parent. This cannot happen again."

Angry community members set the 40-year-old accused's house alight on Monday when they heard of the incident.

He appeared in court on the same day, where more charges were brought against him.

Early in February, a nine-year-old girl was raped, set alight and left for dead near her Delft home.

Weeks later, the body of 11-year-old Siphokuhle Flephu was found in a shack less than 500 metres from her home. It's believed she was also raped.

Following these crimes against minors, Delft residents marched through the streets of their area to express their anger, frustration and disgust.