Road-rage cyclists face action

A group of CT cyclists violently attacked a taxi driver and used pepper spray on him.

FILE: A group of CT cyclists violently attacked a minibus taxi driver and used pepper spray on him.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Province Cycling Association says the group of cyclists responsible for the attack on a Sea Point minibus taxi driver could face disciplinary action or even suspension.

A video of the assault has gone viral and shows the cyclists assaulting the man and using pepper spray on him.

Symon Scott witnessed the incident, which took place on Sunday, and says it was shocking to watch.

"I noticed the leader of the pack and the van in front of them and I thought something was going to happen. He [the leader] managed to hit the brakes and didn't hit but as soon as he got to the front window, he just launched himself at the driver. No words were exchanged; he just piled into the driver."

Meanwhile, the Pedal Power Association (PPA)'s Steve Hayward says the clubs responsible have been given until the end of the day to explain what happened.

"We have asked the club to give us an explanation by noon. We will then take that and the evidence and make a decision. If they are our members we will be taking disciplinary steps against those concerned."

At the same time, a local cycling club has condemned the behaviour of some of its members who were caught on the video.

Director of the Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour, David Bellair, has condemned the incident. But he says not everyone is to blame.

"I know that the club concerned is a club that is supported by the PPA. I think it's important to mention that there were a couple of individuals that were involved in this attack and it's very clear from the video clip that some of the younger riders moved off to the side of the road and removed themselves from what was happening."

Police spokesperson Frederick Van Wyk has called on witnesses to come forward with information.

"No suspect has been arrested as yet and the investigation continues. Anyone who either witnessed or captured the incident is kindly requested to contact Sea Point police."