Alleged rapist’s house destroyed

A man accused of raping a three-year-old girl has been described as “god-loving” and “giving person”.

A house of a man who allegedly raped a three-year-old girl in Delft has been torched. Picture: Carmel Loggenberg/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A man believed to be linked to the alleged rape of a three-year-old girl is being described as an upstanding member of the community.

He's alleged to have raped the young girl last week.

The man's house was subsequently torched by an angry mob in the area.

A "god-loving" and "giving person" are some of the words used to describe the 40-year-old accused.

His home, which is now nothing more than a pile of burnt rubble, used to be the playground of a little rape survivor, according to a community member who asked to remain anonymous.

She says the alleged rapist was kind to the rape survivor's family.

The woman adds many locals are scared to speak of his good character as they fear their homes could be next on the mob's hit list.

"They [the mob] were throwing stones at us and the next day, they told people they were going to burn our house."

This is the latest in a series of attacks on young children in the area over the last three months.

One Delft parent says he feels caught between a rock and hard place when he goes to work, leaving his children in the care of another adult.

Neighbour Douglas Perry says he's forced to work and provide for his family, but worries constantly about the safety of his children.

"My sister-in-law looks after my children. But when the children go outside, she can't see them and something can happen to them.

"This is a very quiet road and children run around this road. When there are cars, we tell them to slow down because of the children."

Meanwhile, the Delft Community Policing Forum on Monday reiterated its plea for additional policing in the area.

At least five people were shot and killed in suspected gang violence incidents in the area.

The Delft Community Policing Forum's Reginald Maart appealed to Western Cape Police Chief Arno Lamoer to deploy additional manpower and other resources to the community.

He says the Delft police station lost at least 29 of its members over the past two years.