Police restore order in Manenberg

Principal at Manenberg primary school says calm has be restored to the area.

Principal at a Manenberg primary school says calm has be restored to the area. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A school principal from Manenberg says security on the school grounds is helping immensely.

Some Manenberg pupils said they are too afraid to go to school because of ongoing gang violence in the community.

City officials and the Western Cape Education Department insists police visibility at a number of so-called 'high risk' schools will be jacked up over the next two weeks.

Rio Grande Primary School principal, Brenda Manuel, says police visibility has reduced the level of violence.

"The visibility has brought down the level of violence. We haven't had anything since Monday during school hours. They patrol in the morning before teachers arrive and patrol during the day as well.

Manuel says they hope the situation can be maintained and that order be restored in the area.

Manenberg has suffered a series of gang-related violence which saw many schools around the area being forced to close last year.

The intervention comes after a court order brought by an education lobby group was granted last week, which compels the department to step up security.