Oscar's team sets up new Twitter handle

Pistorius’s team has set up a Twitter account which it says will reveal the truth surrounding his trial.

The new Twitter account set up by Oscar Pistorius's public relations team for his murder trial. Picture: Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - A week before Oscar Pistorius goes on trial, his public relations team has stepped up a notch by creating a Twitter handle which it claims will reveal the truth surrounding the trial.

The Blade Runner shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his Pretoria East home on Valentine's Day a year ago.

While he claims it was a case of mistaken identity, the state will argue it was murder.

The world will turn its attention to the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria when the trial gets underway on Monday next week.

Pistorius's personal Twitter account referred followers to the @OscarHardTruth handle, saying 'they will uncover the truth and expose those with ulterior motives'.

The account has tweeted it will provide the truth as the trial unfolds and expose people with ulterior motives.

Cerebra Communications public relations strategist Craig Rodney comments this is an attempt to be part of the ongoing social media conversation surrounding the trial.

"It's them trying to create their own platform where they don't need journalistic permission and they're not relying on journalists to add any levels of interpretation. They just want to do things their way and hope that people buy it."

Pistorius's media manager Anneliese Burgess has confirmed she and several family members will manage the account.

The @OscarHardTruth handle is already up and running, with a few tweets laying out the exact aim of the account:

The official channel for media enquries remains the email on the http://t.co/2rvROA0kVX website. We are unable respond to individual tweets.

This platform will share info i.a. alerts to possible briefings/statements, links to key media coverage and clarification when necessary

We WILL address the truth and expose those with ulterior motives. The Truth will Prevail.

As the trial approaches, many untruths half truths and versions of the truth have, and shall be spread across the world.