Khayelitsha: Mixed feelings about police

Residents have mixed feelings on whether the Khayelitsha Commission will bear fruit.

The Khayelitsha Commission was set up in 2012 to investigate alleged police inefficiencies.

CAPE TOWN - Some Khayelitsha residents say they hope the Khayelitsha Commission of Inquiry set up to probe alleged police inefficiencies will bear fruit.

It was set up by Western Cape Premier Helen Zille in 2012 to investigate alleged police inefficiencies, an increase in mob justice attacks and an apparent breakdown in the relationship between community members and the police.

Last week the commission wrapped up it's first phase and it will reconvene late next month.

There are now mixed feelings from residents in Khayelitsha about policing in the township.

While one resident says police should be given the benefit of the doubt and that they face a lot of challenges, another community member says they cannot be trusted.

"The police are the friends of the drug dealers."