SACC to speak to ritual murder suspects

Two teenage boys allegedly killed two Soweto girls in a ritual believed to be linked to satanism.

A pathology team prepares to remove the bodies of two teenage Dobsonville girls after they were discovered on 19 February. Picture: Masego Rahlaga/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The two 16-year-old boys accused of killing two Soweto girls in a ritual believed to have links to satanism will reappear in the Protea Magistrates Court this morning.

The pair, who are pupils of George Khosa Secondary School, were arrested on Thursday, a day after the bodies of Thandeka Moganetsi (16) and Chwayita Rathazayo (15) were found in an open field in Dobsonville.

It's suspected they were killed during a satanic ritual as there were cuts on their bodies and razor blades and black candles were found at the scene.

The pair will be assessed today to determine if they're fit to stand trial.

Reverend Gift Moerane from the South African Council of Churches (SACC) says he'd like to explore the allegations more with the accused.

The reverend has been tasked with providing pastoral support to the two victims' families.

The assessment is due to take place in camera later this morning.

Meanwhile, the Occult Related Crimes Unit has been called in to investigate the case.