Malema: No state houses for EFF MPs

Julius Malema says if EFF wins a seat in Parliament, representatives won’t have state houses.

Economic Freedom Fighter's leader Julius Malema launched the party's manifesto on Saturday in Tembisa. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says if it wins a seat in Parliament, it will work to make sure no Members of Parliament (MPs) have state houses, cars, use private hospitals or send their children to private schools.

Leader Julius Malema outlined the party's first election manifesto in Tembisa on Saturday stating that if the EFF is elected into government it will cut the presidency's budget by 60 percent and remove all presidential spousal support.

The manifesto outlines in great lengths how people's salaries, social grants and benefits will increase by taking money gained through mines, agriculture and banks.

Malema says EFF MPs will earn a salary and providing them with state houses will be a waste of money which could benefit the poor.

He says when the party governs; EFF MPs will not have medical aid but rather use public hospitals and schools in order to monitor the state of these facilities.

Malema further raised questions about the three presidential residences.

"We are going to cancel a presidential house in Durban and Cape Town because it is a waste of money to have three houses for a person who will be sleeping at one house at a time."

He says if the EFF wins the elections, Parliament will be relocated to Pretoria in order to cut travel costs.

Malema says when he becomes president he will make sure all memorandums by protesters reach his presidency's office within 48 hours of the protest happening and will give a response within seven days.

Protests have drastically increased the past two months with the police struggling to control the crowds.

In several instances police officers are facing investigations after allegations that protesters died in the hands of the police.

"[We will ensure] that the right of communities to assemble is not undermined by police. There is no police officer who will attend to a protest with live ammunition."