ANC: Zille failed to address inequality

The ANC says Premier Helen Zille’s State of the Province Address failed to address inequality.

FILE: Western Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The ANC in the Western Cape says Premier Helen Zille has been claiming national government successes as her own.

Zille delivered her State of the Province Address on Friday, focussing on jobs and her government's successes over past five years.

The premier also unveiled plans to provide free electricity to farms.

She also says a new wind tower manufacturing plant is expected to be opened in Atlantis.

But ANC provincial leader Marius Fransman believes Zille's speech failed to inspire and was more election-driven.

"What was disheartening is the fact that she didn't address the inequality discussion. It was a speech to affirm a very small white interest in terms of the economy. It was not a speech to address unemployment, inequality and poverty."

The Western Cape is the only province that is governed by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Recently, residents from informal settlements took to the streets demanding housing and basic services.