Wouter Basson sentencing postponed

Basson was found guilty for his role in the apartheid chemical and biological warfare unit.

Wouter Basson. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Chemical warfare expert Wouter Basson, who was found guilty on charges relating to participation in the apartheid chemical and biological warfare unit, will not be sentenced today as scheduled.

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) could not give a reason for the postponement, but said Basson would be sentenced on a date which is yet to be announced.

In December, Basson was found guilty of acting unprofessionally when he manufactured and provided substances to the apartheid army in order to fight the enemies of the state.

He has been found guilty on all charges brought against him and is unlikely to get off the hook with a lenient punishment.

In his defence, Basson said he did not act as a doctor when he manufactured and supplied toxic substances to the apartheid army, but rather as a soldier.

But the tribunal's chairperson Professor Jannie Hugo dismissed this in December when Basson was found guilty.

The poisonous substances were either given to soldiers to commit suicide if they were caught or they were used to kidnap enemies of the state.