ISS: NDP is crucial to SA's growth

The ISS says SA may remain the lasting underachiever if set out goals aren’t followed through.

The ISS says South Afric may remain the lasting underachiever if set out goals aren’t followed through. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) says South Africa may remain the perennial underachiever if goals that have been set out aren't followed through.

The ISS believes the National Development Plan (NDP) is crucial for growth heading towards 2030.

It presented three so-called forecast scenarios for the country at its presentation of its South African Futures 2030 study in Cape Town on Monday.

The institute's Jakkie Cilliers explains one these scenarios.

"Government needs to play to a single game plan, which it is not doing at the moment. Our Bafana Bafana scenario is the exact story of the South African national team, which doesn't appear to have a single coach, doesn't appear to have a clear plan and it dribbles along, passes the ball but never scores any goals."

He emphasises the NDP is the backbone to development in the country.

"We have thousands of plans, white papers and policy documents in this country, but one stands above all others, and that is the Presidential appointment of the national planning commission and the NDP itself."

At the same time the Democratic Alliance (DA) has reiterated government isn't doing enough to create jobs and boost trade in the country.

The party put forward its own economic wish list in Parliament on Monday to accelerate economic growth.

Its 10 point plan includes, among others, making sure labour laws support job creation.

The DA's Tim Harris says more should also be done to make it easier for companies to trade with other countries.

"When we look at other developing countries over the past decade, we notice that most of them have managed to achieve up to eight percent growth and we think these policy proposals can see South Africa get to around eight percent growth in 10 years and create about 6 million jobs."