One week on: Where's Korkie?

Fears mount as Pierre Korkie’s Yemeni kidnappers remain silent.

A week after his execution deadline, Pierre Korkie’s kidnappers are yet to make contact. Pictures: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - A full week has passed since Pierre Korkie's ransom deadline, without any contact from al-Qaeda kidnappers in Yemen.

Korkie and his wife Yolande were taken hostage in May last year but she has since been released, with the kidnappers requesting that she arrange her husband's ransom payment.

Shortly before the deadline lapsed, Yolande filmed an emotional video pleading the kidnappers for her husband's release.

The captors are demanding more than R30 million but the family says they simply don't have that amount of money.

At the same time, the South African government can do very little as its policy is to not negotiate with terrorists.

Relief organisation Gift of the Givers has played a major role in negotiations, but Chairman Imtiaz Sooliman says they have had no word from the kidnappers.

He says the NGO and Korkie family are still hoping and praying Pierre will be released alive.

"We need to get him out before anything else happens to him whilst he is in captivity," he says, noting reports that Korkie is in bad health.

"Maybe we are fortunate - for now - that nothing major has happened yet."