State of the Twitter Nation

Witty and amusing tweets from the State of the Nation Address 2014.


JOHANNESBURG - The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is a serious affair. Those who follow it out of political interest take the opportunity to tweet genuine comments and concerns.

And then there are the others. Those who wait all year in anticipation for the opportunity to poke fun and make people laugh.

The red carpet event, which tries to rival those preceding some Hollywood award ceremonies, is always entertaining as the fashions get more ridiculous every year.

Here are some of the wittier tweets from the evening:

This man is dressed like Cressida seat covers. SONA

  • Siyabonga

Nyezi (@siya_THATguy) February 13,


Lindiwe came dressed in white with

small colorful clutch bag. Basically like the DA.

  • Chester Missing

(@chestermissing) February 13,


Gunshots. Gauteng MPs drop to the

floor. #SONA



The speech itself also inspired some amusing responses:

Somebody next to Mac Maharaj is asleep

in the gallery #SONA2014

  • Ranjeni

Munusamy (@RanjeniM) February 13,


White South Africans after President

Jacob mentioned the Rhinos.


  • Khusta

(@Mkhu28) February

13, 2014

Kudos to the president's speech

writer, Captain Obvious. Well written.



As President wraps up #SONA2014, here's

a summary: "We have a good story to tell. Mandela rocked. I rock, too. Cheers

until May."