Mthethwa: Louca arrest positive step

Mthethwa says the arrest means authorities are closer to exposing a large underworld group.

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has hailed George Louca's arrest as a positive step to exposing a large underworld group. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa says with the arrest of George Louca, the man accused of killing strip club boss Lolly Jackson, authorities are one step closer to exposing a large underworld group.

Louca will appear in the Kempton Park Magistrates Court on Monday morning.

He was successfully extradited to the country on Sunday morning, after fighting the process for more than three years.

The minister says he is confident this is a step in the right direction to clamp down on organised crime.

"We are very confident that the work which police are doing and continue to do is going to lead us to the core of the workings of this group. As you know late last year we arrested Krejcir, now it's this one.

"We would follow them up and ensure that at the end of the day people face consequences."

Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir met Louca in prison when he was arrested for illegally entering South Africa almost six years ago.

Krejcir is currently behind bars for kidnapping, attempted murder and assault.