Corruption Watch to focus on health sector

Corruption Watch's annual report shows that around 5,500 complaints have been processed.

FILE: People take part in the masked march in Cape Town against corruption and social ills. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Corruption Watch says over the next year it will focus on the health sector, boosting its investigative capacity and building a powerful online community.

The organisation released its annual report on Thursday which showed that around 5,500 complaints have been processed since 2012.

These complaints span various sectors including education, policing and water and sanitation.

Corruption Watch's David Lewis says the majority of whistle blowers last year turned out to be civil servants.

He says this shows that many government employees are outraged and embarrassed by what's happening around them.

"We've engaged with the authorities and the courts and we've done investigations which were highly selective and have been successful. I believe there is a possibility that there will be consequences for engaging in corruption."