Family's last plea for Korkie's release

Al-Qaeda said they'll execute Pierre Korkie if a $3m ransom is not delivered by Saturday.

Yolande Korkie has pleaded with al-Qaeda to release her husband Pierre. Picture: Volksblad

JOHANNESBURG - With just one day left before Pierre Korkie's ransom deadline, his wife Yolande made an emotional last ditch appeal to al-Qaeda militants in Yemen to release him.

Korkie has been held captive since May last year.

Al-Qaeda has stated they will execute Pierre if the $3 million ransom is not paid by Saturday.

Covered in a head scarf, Yolande began her video message with an Arabic greeting.

Her appeal to her husband's kidnappers is a simple one.

"I'm pleading with you again to release my husband."

She held hands with her two children and told the militants that Korkie is ill and will not survive in captivity.

"A South African doctor's report can be made available to you should you wish to see it."

The Gift of the Givers says it has not had contact with the militants for 12 days and it's unclear if he is still alive.

Meanwhile, an interfaith prayer service will be held at the Christ Church in Mayfair this evening where the public is invited to pray for divine intervention.