CT's new housing plan

The city has earmarked two military bases for low cost-housing projects.

The city has earmarked the Wingfield and Youngsfield military bases for low cost housing projects.

CAPE TOWN - The Wingfield Military Base near Goodwood could soon be home to a new community.

The City of Cape Town has earmarked both the Wingfield and Youngsfield military bases for low-cost housing projects.

In 1997, Wingfield was the proposed location for an Olympic park, which included an Olympic stadium, aquatic centre and a rowing lake for Cape Town's failed 2004 Olympic bid.

Seventeen years later, city bosses are pushing to have the site redeveloped for housing purposes.

But Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille says they're still battling to acquire the land from government.

"If the national government can hand over Wingfield, we will build integrated housing."

If all goes according to plan, the city believes its housing backlog will be drastically reduced, benefiting thousands currently on the housing waiting list.