Two shot, one dead in Sebokeng protest

A violent service delivery protest south of Johannesburg has resulted in at least one death.

The surviving victim was rushed to hospital. Picture: Supplied.

SEBOKENG - Two people have been shot during a violent protest in Sebokeng south of Johannesburg where hundreds of residents have taken to the streets demanding RDP houses.

Paramedics have now confirmed one person is dead after being shot in the chest and another wounded.

ER24 says the surviving victim took a bullet to the arm and has been rushed to hospital.

It's still unclear who pulled the trigger but police claim there are two separate groups of protesters and gunfire was exchanged between them.

Picture: Zikhona Miso/EWN.

Officers say one of the groups was trying to reopen the roads and the other faction resisted.

No arrests have yet been made and the large crowd is now marching to the nearby Neldon Mandela Square.

The angry demonstrators claim Premier Nomvula Mokonyane promised them homes in 2012 but has not not deliver.

They're demanding the premier or President Jacob Zuma go to the area and address them, warning they would escalate the protest if these demands were not met.