ANC warns against 'dictatorial' party funders

The ANC says it is anti-democratic for funders to dictate who should lead a party.

FILE: African National Congress spokesman Jackson Mthembu. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

CAPE TOWN - The ANC on Wednesday cautioned AgangSA and the Democratic Alliance (DA) from bowing to pressure from their funders.

This follows the breakup of the alliance between AgangSA and the DA on Monday.

This came just five days after announcing that Mamphela Ramphele would stand as the DA's presidential candidate in the upcoming elections.

Following the break up, Ramphele said one of the reasons she agreed to working with the DA was because one of her party's major international funders wanted that to happen.

ANC spokesperson told the Midday Report that was anti-democracy.

"We think it is anti-our democracy for foreign interests to determine who should lead us in South Africa and which parties should come together and gang up against probably the ANC."

Mthembu says this trend needs to stop.

"In our view, if this trend is not arrested, where foreign funders dictate terms to political organisations and they become their handlers, we might end up one day as again a colony."

However, he says they are not dictating who should fund political parties.

"We have not said people should not receive money from anybody. The issue is they should not be dictated to as to who must be their leader."

Mthembu had a message for the opposition.

"We would like to caution the DA and Agang not to agree to being dictated to by funders."

He refused to name ANC funders, saying the party would never allow anybody to dictate to them who must run the party.