'University admission policy must change'

Professor Adam Habib says South Africa should consider changing university admissions policies.

Political analyst and academic Professor Adam Habib. Picture: University of Johannesburg

CAPE TOWN - Wits University Professor Adam Habib says it's time to change the admissions policy at universities.

The class of 2013 achieved a 78.2 percent matric pass rate with thousands qualifying for university.

Hundreds of thousands of pupils have applied at various universities, but there is not enough space for all of them.

Speaking on the Redi Tlhabi Show, Habib said the universities are flooded by applications.

"If you take a place like Wits, we have 46,000 applications for 5,000 places. It's become quite acute. We have about 250 seats and 8,000 applications. So people are emotionally invested in getting a position."

He reiterated Wits does not admit students based on race.

"We simply take the best of the students that qualify. My argument is; should we not be thinking about having an admissions policy that is focused on demographic representivity, that is focused on cosmopolitanism, but that doesn't use race as a criteria but that instead uses class."

Meanwhile, government has urged students to consider further education and training colleges.