Rain forces Krugersdorp school closure

A Krugersdorp school was forced to shut when a flash flood swept through it this morning.

Heavy rains in Johannesburg cause havoc on the roads as water rises to levels as high as car windows. Picture: @MrsH02 via Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - A Krugersdorp school has been forced to shut its doors and send pupils home after a flood swept through it this morning.

It appears classrooms have been damaged and a wall collapsed at Monument High School.

Johannesburg's Emergency Services has issued a 'high alert', warning motorists not to force their way through flooded bridges or streets while the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) is warning of deadly flash floods.

Numerous accidents have been reported around the city and two people have been rescued from a car trapped in flooded water in Diepsloot.

The JRA's Bertha Peters-Scheepers says, "Rather walk through it first and establish what the height of the water is before you decide to drive through it. Rather walk to higher ground and ensure that you are safe."

She has urged pedestrians, particularly children, to stay well clear of storm water drains.

Meanwhile, Weather South Africa predicts rain will continue to fall over Johannesburg for the rest of the day.