Pieterson's sister explains DA decision

Hector Pieterson's sister says the DA is the only party to take South Africa forward.

Lulu Pieterson says the Democratic Alliance is the only party which will take South Africa forward. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The sister of Hector Pieterson who was killed during the 1976 uprisings says she has joined the Democratic Alliance (DA) because it is the only party that can take the country forward.

Lulu Pieterson, who was five-year's-old when her brother was killed, has recently joined the DA.

Pieterson says she has never been an ANC member or politically active but she feels like it is time to get involved.

Speaking to 567 Cape Talk, Pieterson says the DA is for everyone.

"Some black people say it is a white dominant party but it's not. It accommodates everybody. Mamphela Ramphele being a presidential candidate of the party proves that the DA is a party that wants to take South Africa forward and give people a better life."

She also says she is disillusioned by the current ANC government.

"I am disillusioned at the corruption of Jacob Zuma's ANC that reserves the best opportunities for the connected few."

She also accused the current government of ignoring the generation of 1976.

"How can the generation of 1976 be ignored in this regard? To be honest with you, this freedom that we have today was made possible by the June 1976 uprisings. The children who took part in the uprisings were very young. They did not belong to any organisation. The only organisation that played a part was the Black Consciousness Movement. Where was the ANC?"

She says her community is happy with her joining the DA.

"The community at large is very happy. But my family has not yet heard about it. I think they will read it in the newspapers and they will be shocked."