CSA clarifies ICC statement

The CSA responds to an ICC statement regarding unanimous support at an ICC board meeting.

The CSA has responded to an ICC statement regarding unanimous support at an ICC board meeting.

JOHANNESBURG - In a statement released on Tuesday Cricket South Africa (CSA) said it wishes to clarify an International Cricket Council (ICC) statement regarding the 'unanimous support at the ICC Board meeting for key principles'.

According to the CSA, the support is subject to the approval of the respective boards of the member countries, after which a final decision will be taken at a follow-up ICC board meeting on 8 February.

CSA President and Chairman of the Board Chris Nenzani said, "We will be convening a joint session of our CSA Board and certain key stakeholders as soon as is practically possible to consider the principles".

He said, "One of the hallmarks of our new administration has been an absolute adherence to the principles of good corporate governance and we do not intend to deviate from this. Our position will be subject to full consideration by our board and other stakeholders."

Meanwhile, Nenzani has told EWN Sport the body will not comment until after the meeting is concluded.

It is understood debate was heated on Tuesday but the ICC stated key principles have been agreed to.

Those include the scrapping of the future test championship in favour of the champion's trophy, a legally binding future tours programme, and a central leadership role for India with the establishment of an executive committee of five members featuring India, England and Australia.