AgangSA: Ramphele remains our leader

This morning a senior party member said Ramphele would be expelled for moving to the DA.

FILE: AgangSA leader Mamphele Ramphela. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A group of Agang SA leaders gathered in Braamfontein say the party is united and Mamphela Ramphele remains their leader.

This is direct contrast to what another senior party member said this morning about the newly announced Democratic Alliance election candidate being expelled for moving to the DA.

A so-called urgent media briefing was held at Agang's head office on the ninth floor of the Braamfontein centre.

The room has no furniture or carpets and only a handful of chairs and a table were brought in for the event.

Yet the group of leaders spoke passionately about the party standing united and denied it was broke.

The leaders say the media caused a lot of confusion and comments about Ramphele getting booted are 'regrettable'.

They claim they will meet with her soon and decided on a way forward.

Interestingly and despite what Ramphele's staff has said, they say there's no current plan to merge with the DA.

At the same time, Ramphele herself has rubbished claims that she is about to be expelled as the leader of AgangSA.

Most of her staff, supporters and volunteers appear to have been blindsided by the move, despite Ramphele insisting that her talks with the DA were common knowledge.

Earlier this morning, a senior Agang member said provincial leaders would meet this morning to decide Ramphele's fate.

AgangSA Gauteng convening secretary Dr Sakhiwo Yako told Talk Radio 702's John Robbie that some party members had no interest in following Ramphele to the DA.

"We are not interested in the move to the DA so we are going to expel the leader. We will kick her out of Agang."

But Ramphele says this person wasn't even a member of Agang and was stirring trouble as she could not be expelled.

"This person isn't even a member of Agang, he is a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters. He is an agent provocateur who should mind his own business."

She says leaders sometimes have to make decisions which are not popular with everyone.

"My integrity with regards to fighting corruption and injustice remains intact."

At the same time, DA leader Helen Zille has defended Ramphele against accusations that she left her party in the dark about her move.