#AgangDA: Twitter responds

Some of the more amusing responses from the twittersphere to Zille's announcement.


JOHANNESBURG - Politics in South Africa is never boring. Couple that with 'witty twitter' and you have a winning combination.

When Helen Zille announced this morning that Mamphela Ramphele would be the DA's presidential candidate, the amusing tweets predictably exploded.

Some of our favourites are below - feel free to add any goodies we missed in the comments section.

One more old lady and the DA could call themselves the Golden Girls. #CrossingFingers

#AgangDA: the bland leading the blonde.

#AgangDA merger: Zuma says he's got 939 million 3thousand and 60000problems and #Ramphele ain't one

#Ramphela can almost see the prezzy position. Playing with her emotions. Go home #agangda, you drunk.

The new DA-Agang alliance better call themselves Da Gang. #AgangDA

I hear Oxford Dictionary has replaced the verb 'betrayed' with 'Rampheled' #AgangDA

RIP Agang. 2013-2014. Cause of death: sudden case of whiteness.

If Helen can make nice with Julius next then we can have the DA EFFing GANG.

Will the #AgangDA gravy train be called the Blue Train?


#whitetwitter 'astonishing, game-changing, big move'.

#blacktwitter 'meh'.