Hundreds protest against e-tolling

Hundreds of people have gathered at a petrol station in Randburg to protest against e-tolling.

Motorbikes take part in a protest against e-tolling on 25 January 2014. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Just over a month after e-tolling was launched in Gauteng, motorists are protesting against the multi billion rand project.

Hundreds of people are take part in a protest against e-tolls today in Johannesburg.

The sound of motorbike engines could be heard on Beyers Naudé Drive as thousands of people took part in a protest against e-tolling.

Traffic officials are escorting the convoy.

This woman who came with her family says she is demonstrating against e-tolling because it is not benefiting disadvantaged people in the community.

"The man on the street is going to bear the brunt and I think the cost of living is going to go up for everyone."

Eyewitness News spoke to a few motorists involved.

"I think the system is a little bit too greedy," said one motorist.

"I don't believe the e-tolls are just. I pay enough tax. I've paid enough for road tax. I pay enough petrol," said another motorist

"As a road user and a member of the community, I feel strongly that we are being blackmailed."

Proudly e-toll stickers have also been distributed to motorist taking part in today's protest.

Meanwhile, the South African National Roads Agency Limited ( Sanral) was forced to evacuate its staff twice this week after two packages containing a suspicious white powder were dropped off at the roads agency's headquarters.

The substance was later found not to be harmful.

The controversial system went live on 3 December.

Several protests were held in 2013 to voice dissatisfaction with e-tolls.