Tony Irish slams ICC proposal

The SA Cricketer's Association CEO says the proposed ICC restructuring would be bad for the game.

The SA Cricketer's Association CEO says the proposed ICC restructuring would be bad for the game. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - South African Cricketer's Association CEO Tony Irish says the proposed International Cricket Council (ICC) restructuring would be detrimental to the game of cricket around the world.

Cricket South Africa has written to the ICC asking for the proposal to be withdrawn on procedural grounds, labelling the 24-page draft proposal as 'fundamentally flawed.' The proposal is due to be placed under consideration at the ICC's board meeting in Dubai in two week's time.

Speaking to the Midday Report, Irish explained the potential impact the restructuring would have on the game and its administration.

"If you look at what the ICC is all about, and what international cricket is all about, it's really about the growth and sustainability of the game across a number of countries, not just three countries.

"This proposal will mean that all decisions will be made based on financial and monetary considerations as opposed to cricketing considerations. Whether countries play each other or not will be a financial issue, and not whether they should play each other for cricketing reasons.

"The smaller cricketing countries, of which South Africa is one, will play less and less against the big cricketing countries because the schedule would not be regulated. It would be left up to the countries to decide who they play and when."

Irish added that the restructure would not be in the game's best interests.

"At the moment there are ten full members, so there are ten Test-playing nations, and there are 106 other countries that are members of the ICC. Administering cricket should be about the sustainability and the growth of the game in those countries, and international cricket is about keeping the playing field level for the ten international playing countries. This proposal goes completely in the wrong direction with regards to all of that."