Mayor resigns after Mothutlung crisis

Madibeng mayor Poppy Magongwa has stepped down after violent protests in Mothutlung.

Madibeng Mayor Poppy Magongwa at the momorial service for three men killed in service delivery protests in Mothutlung last week. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Madibeng municipality has confirmed Mayor Poppy Magongwa has resigned following calls by the Mothutlung community for her removal.

Last week, residents called for Magongwa and a number of others in the municipality's leadership structure to step down, claiming officials were involved in a corruption scandal resulting in water cuts in the area.

Many took to the streets to protest the lack of water and sanitation, calling for the replacement of various local politicians.

On Monday last week, two people were killed when police allegedly opened fire on the demonstrators.

Another man died in hospital a day after falling from a moving police nyala after being arrested.

A fourth man injured during the shooting died in hospital yesterday.

The violence in the area has caused an uproar over alleged police brutality, while opposition politicians have descended on the area to promise better service delivery than the ruling ANC.

Paul Hendricks, a community leader who earlier accused the mayor of lying to residents about the fourth victim, says he is surprised by her decision to step down.